About Gini S.r.l.

Founded in 1998 Gini S.r.l. is now an industry specialised in transformation of flexible printed and unprinted packaging (plastic films, special cards and aluminium) for the packaging industry, the food sector and other fields. Our fast growth, thanks to the work of a talented young team and the technician research, has lead us to become an important player in the industry of packaging both in the national and international markets. Our constant investments in the most modern equipments allow us to combine a high investment capacity with the professionality and the flexibility typical of family-run-businesses: the key factor that makes us a reliable and competitive partner.

Our mission

We care about the evolution of the markets and we’re aware of the difficulties and risks of the food sector.

According to current regulations and requests of CDO, we satisfy sanitary requirements of the work places with the preservation of the product from possible contamination in all phases of the production process regarding the requirements of packaging suitability. 

Technology and Flexibility

These are the best representative concepts of our industry.

Our investments in the most modern equipments allows us to guarantee the highest quality standards and the efficiency in every phase of the production process.